Freeware sites and more

Here you will find links mostly to sites that feature Disk Cleaner, but maybe also some others. Currently there aren't many links, but it is work-in-progress (drop me a line if you feel you should be on this page).

Portable Freeware

This web site contains 'portable freeware' only, meaning that all the applications listed there can be extracted from a zip archive into any folder and directly run from it. No installation is necessary. By unzipping them to a USB memory stick, you can take all the applications with you and run them on any machine, hence the name 'portable freeware'.

SafeMailTo e-mail encoder

This tool makes a mailto: link to your e-mail address from a webpage, but encrypts it to avoid harvesting of it by spammers. Though the technique is not entirely new, the creator of this tool has incorporated something extra: optionally one has to fill in some letters that are shown in a picture - so unreadable for harvesting bots - and only then the normal mail client opens. You can test it by trying to send me a mail:

Here's one that works without JavaScript as well: http://leon.mvps.org/Encoder


Very solid and flexible free list server. In spite of being free, there are no advertisements. Not on their site, nor in the sent mail. This is the same list server as I use myself for Disk Cleaner.

The Free Site!

Good site with lots of free stuff, not only software.

Get Firefox!

Terrific browser, you should try it. Now Disk Cleaner also supports it! Since I use FireFox as my main browser it deserves a place here.

Freeware Arena

Another good freeware site, focuses on software but also has tutorials etc.

I Don't Feel 50

Site with many computer tips for beginning computer users (of all ages). This particular page features Disk Cleaner, so I've linked to that, but also examine the rest of the site!


If you want an even smaller Disk Cleaner type of thing, and/or like batch files to do the cleaning, this is for you.

The Borland Forums

A programming forum, mostly oriented at C++, with a very relaxed atmosphere. Designed to make up for the now defunct Bytamin-C forums, but unfortunately that site went off-line just before this one got momentum.

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