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20 Nov 2005: Version 1.5.7 released

Version 1.5.7 is mostly a maintenance release: it now supports the cleaning of Firefox 1.5rc2 and 1.5rc3, and also Opera 8.5 is supported again. See for more changes the readme.txt file in the program folder.

14 Nov 2005: Beta plug-in for Firefox 1.5RC2 released

I have a new version of the firefox .dcp plug-in since I noticed that the cache wasn't cleaned for the 1.5RC2 release. Experienced users, please test this version if you use Firefox (regardless the version number, since it should work on ALL versions). If no bugs are found, I'll release it soon in the 'official' way.

Get it here: ff.dcp
Place this file in the Disk Cleaner program directory.

20 Oct 2005: Get Disk Cleaner on the million dollar homepage!

So, here's this guy that sells his homepage in blocks of 10x10 pixels, for 1$ a pixel. This, to make some money for his study. The bought pixels can display any image, and link to any web-site.

I would never have believed that it would work, but apparently he has already sold over 400.000(!) pixels. I think the idea is brilliant, though, and I like it so much that I would like to get some pixels for Disk Cleaner as well :)

So, if you want to get Disk Cleaner showing on this unique web site, please donate some 'pixels' using the paypal button on the donation page. Please specify that your donation is for pixels. I hope that we'll soon can show a purple funnel on www.milliondollarhomepage.com

6 Oct 2005: Computer again up and running

So, I got my new power supply. I can answer e-mail again and development on Disk Cleaner is back on track! Thankfully, some of the more quirky noises are gone from my computer as well - with the old power supply, I could HEAR network traffic being transmitted (probably because the little LED is flashing then). Not the kind of feedback I want.

3 Oct 2005: Honey, I blew up the power supply!

Or, at least, it ceased to function, and not quite spectacularly either. It wasn't completely unexpected though, this PSU had some troubles firing up the computer already for a while, and very recently my computer would just turn off at random. Anyway, development on Disk Cleaner is forced on hold for the moment until I get a new PSU. I already anticipated that I needed a new one, and ordered it, but before I could transfer the money, the old one died on me. Probably wanted to nag me one more time. Anyway, from here a big thanks to the people who donated some money, now I won't have to feel guilty for buying a new one directly.

15 Sep 2005: Bug in 1.5.6 distribution

For reasons that remain unknown to me, an altered version of the standard plug-in was distributed with version 1.5.6. The distributed version saved the protected cookies setting in the Program Files folder as 'Disk Cleanerplugins.ini', instead of a file called 'plugins.ini' in the 'Disk Cleaner' folder. The faulty version of the plug-in has been exchanged with the correct version. I advice everybody to reinstall 1.5.6 if you downloaded it before september the 12th 22:00 CET. The version number displayed in Disk Cleaner will not change after reinstalling.

If necessary, copy the file 'Disk Cleanerplugins.ini' from the Program Files folder to the Disk Cleaner installation folder and rename it to plugins.ini to keep your saved cookies settings.

21 Aug 2005: Version 1.5.6 released

This release contains no new features, but a host of new plug-ins are added and the 'About' box now also shows the new URL for this web site. The plug-ins are this time thanks to bill johnson (again :) and Paul.

30 Jul 2005: RSS feed available

An RSS feed for this page is available from here.

29 Jul 2005: New URL - www.diskcleaner.nl

http://www.diskcleaner.nl now also available.

2 May 2005: Version 1.5.5 available

Fixes a bug with the default control on the main screen (should be the 'Clean button', but wasn't). Updated and added new plug-ins, thanks to bill and Adrian Cutcutache. See the readme.txt for a full list.

16 Jan 2005: Version 1.5.4 available

New feature: added the option to hide entries with zero items , which means less clutter on screen since any items meant for software you haven't installed are hidden. This is OFF by default, however. Turn it on by pressing the 'C' button. Then check the box for 'Hide entries when empty'. The setting will take effect the next time Disk Cleaner is run.
Added plug-ins for Quick Time player, Office 2003, Paint Shop Pro 7/8/9, MS Works 4.5 and more. Also fixed some bugs (see the license for the complete list of changes).

15 Nov 2004: Version 1.5.3 available

Changes: locked files that cannot be deleted when Disk Cleaner was trying are now scheduled to be removed on reboot. If you do not like this behaviour, it can be turned off in the configuration screen (the 'C' button). The right-click pop-up menu for the plug-ins has been extended with a 'Select All' and 'Invert Selection' item. Also plug-ins for MS Publisher and Office 95/97 have been added, the Google Tool Bar plug-in also removes the Pop-up Kill count and hopefully some bugs in the Real Player 8 plug-in have been fixed.

2 Nov 2004: Opera 7.54 again supported by plug-in

The Opera plug-in is patched to also support Opera 7.54 - also see below. Also a plug-in for Media Player Classic has been added, thanks to Lego_Bas.

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