Instructions for installation

If you're new to Disk Cleaner, I would recommend that you download the installer with all plug-ins. Otherwise, you can choose for zip archives.
The installer will install Disk Cleaner for you, and includes all available plug-ins (though you can still choose the ones you'd like to have).

If you download the zip archive, make sure that you extract the files with the relative path names intact. Any folder will do just fine to run Disk Cleaner, even a floppy! John M. Belanger has provided a Word document that tells exactly how to install Disk Cleaner from a zip archive. You can get it here.

Instructions for uninstallation

If you installed Disk Cleaner with the installer, simply choose uninstall from the Add/Remove Software item in the Control Panel, or use the uninstall icon in the Start Menu (if you let the installation program generate them).

If you extracted Disk Cleaner from the zip archive, just delete the folder and Disk Cleaner's gone.

Go to download page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the colors in Disk Cleaner?

A: Yep, read how here.

Q: How to create my own plug-ins?

A: A plug-in can either be a .dcp file or a .dct file. The .dcp files need programming but are the most flexible, while the .dct files can be created with just notepad. I'm about to change the specs of the .dcp files so please have a bit of patience for this. You can read more on how to create a .dct file here.

John M. Belanger has written a document based on this text that might also help you, as I tend to be terse :)

Get it here. Thanks John!

Q: Can I save cookies from being deleted?

A: Yes, you can: right-click on the Cookies item, choose configure and add cookies to the protected list on the right. Do this before cleaning to see a list of cookies currently on your system.

Q: Disk Cleaner loads (very) slow, or hangs my machine, why?

A: Though the details aren't clear yet, this can be caused by McAfee's V-Shield (thank you Peter Keller). When it is turned off just before starting Disk Cleaner, Disk Cleaner should load much quicker. You can turn it on again after using Disk Cleaner. You can also exclude Disk Cleaner from being scanned by V-Shield. Right click on the system tray icon and choose properties of System Scan. A tabbed dialog should appear. Choose the last tab and add Disk Cleaner to the exclusion list. Now, V-Shield will not try to scan Disk Cleaner for viruses so it will start much faster (like without V-Shield). Note that now you do not have to shut down V-Shield before starting Disk Cleaner.
Unfortunately my progress into this matter is little, but I'll keep trying.

Q: I get an error message, saying that I need to download plug-ins?

A: You have downloaded the user interface part of Disk Cleaner, but haven't downloaded any of the cleaning plug-ins. To be able to clean something, download any or plug-in you like, and install it. If you are not sure how to do this, download the complete package, available from the download section (last option at the bottom).

Q: The installer complains that it is too short?

A: It looks like your download is corrupted. Try downloading the file again.

Q: On what Windows platform does Disk Cleaner run?

A: Disk Cleaner runs on all Windows versions/platforms. However, when using NT-like systems (NT 4/2000/XP) the items actually cleaned can depend on access rights, among other things. This is someting you have to try for yourself. I have received reports of some users where a few MRU items wouldn't clean, and I got other reports of users where Disk Cleaner runs without a glitch on NT/2000 etc.

Q: How do I get the quiet mode running?

A: Here's a way: using the Windows explorer, look up your Windows folder (usually on C:\), and the Start Menu folder therein. In the Start Menu folder, there's a folder called Programs, with a subfolder called Start Up. In the latter folder create a new shortcut to Disk Cleaner. Use the right mousebutton to do this with the 'new' menu.

A wizard will start. Use the browse button to go to the installation folder of Disk Cleaner (usually in C:\Program Files\Disk Cleaner) and select dclean.exe. After you click OK, the path to dclean.exe will be shown in the edit box. Behind the last double quote (") (if it's there), add a space, a slash(/) and a q . If you wish to use a certain preset (if you have version 1.4.0 or higher), also add a colon(:) and the name of your preset. If you happen to have a preset name with a space in it, you must enclose it with double quotes. Examples:

"C:\Program Files\Disk Cleaner\dclean.exe" /q

"C:\Program Files\Disk Cleaner\dclean.exe" /q:APresetName

"C:\Program Files\Disk Cleaner\dclean.exe" "/q:A Preset Name"

Then click Next. Name the link any way you want it and click Finish. The next time you start your computer, Disk Cleaner will run quietly.

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